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LZWD series tiny metal tube flowmeter high accuracy [CHENGFENG FLOWMETER] Hart communication 4-20mA out put Chinese professional manufacture
Product Model:LZWD series

 Break the routine, meet more customer requirements, customized for clients of various kinds of non-standard type flowmeter, it is a kind of ability, is also a kind of attitude.Let the customer buy satisfied products, let customers get the perfect service that is our attitude.




 LZW/WB,LZWH is metal tube flowmeter,feature with strong,stable and widely usage.LZW/WB series can be equip with self-operation pressure regulator(Galvanostat).

LZW/LZWB horizontal installation.LZW without valve,LZWB with valve.

LZWH vertical installation,without valve.

LZWD column display,output 4-20mA current signal,with Hart communication protocol.

Power supply is 24V DC,electric interface M16x1.5.

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CHENGFENG FLOWMETER for flowmeter market customer demand, carry on the improvement of professional products, technology research and development, and strive to make customer satisfaction of the flowmeter.CHENGFENG FLOWMETER variety, style complete, direct manufacturers, quality assurance, affordable, welcome customers to come to consult, the choose and buy.CHENGFENG FLOWMETER help selection, solve your doubt flowmeter.






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CHENGFENG FLOWMETER'S LZW series of tiny flow tube flow meter can help you!It has the characteristics of strong, stable, wide scope of application, optional self-reliance type pressure regulator, and you can also output 4-20 ma current signal, with Hart communication.It is good flowmeter for measure small flow!

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