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LZDX-50 explosive-proof high anti-corrosion new metal tube flowmeter [CHENGFENG FLOWMETER] professional flowmeter manufacture stainless steel body
Product Model:LZDX-50

Changzhou Chengfeng Flowmeter Co.,Ltd for 30 years, has been in the study and progress, learning advanced foreign instrumentation equipment and technology, the introduction of advanced technology, and then based on the research and development of new technology, combined with the requirements of customers innovative products that meet customer needs, meet the requirements of customers, the pursuit of perfect quality, technical breakthroughs.




 Standard LZ series metal pipe float flowmeters are composed of one measuring pipe and on side indicator.The site indicator can be installed also with additional electric devices, suitable for liquid and gas measurement.
The flowmeter adopts variable area measuring principle. The measuring device is composed of one taper measuring pipe and floater. The floater can move freely up and down in the taper measuring pipe to change the flow area in the pipe.When the flow changes, the vertical position of the floater inside the measuring pipe
changes correspondingly.Through magnetic transmitting system, the position of the floater is transmitted to the dial scale of the indicator to indicate the flow.
In M6,M8, M9 indicator, the follow-up magnet movement is transmitted directly to the dial scale.In M7 indicator, when the follow-up magnet rotates, the needle driven by the cam plate indicates linearly the flow.




1).All metal construction, strong and stable.
2).Short stroke,compact structure.
3).Low pressure loss design.
4).New style magnetic coupling structure ensures that the signal transmission is more stable.
5).Magnetic filter can be added as customer requirements.
6).Thermal insulation or tracing heat jacket.
7).Used in the gas and liquid measurement in all industries. The measurment parts can adopt  different  materials to be suitable for different medias.
8).Suitable for harsh environment and seriously corrosion media. Having good heat resistance and pressure resistance.
9).Intelligent dual-line LCD display,on site instant/ umulative flow display and back light as options.

10).Two-wire system,battery,alternating current can be choosed to supply the power.
11).With data recovery,data backup and powerfail protection functions.


The third generation of metal tube float flowmeter by Chengfeng Flowmeter professional research and development, than the traditional metal tube rotameter with high precision, good repeatability, and the advantages of small services, by a measurement of tube and a local indicator, 5 patents.The same price, better product, only to return for more customers.



metal tube-1.jpg  metal tube-2.jpg

  metal tube-3.jpg


Technical Parameters

   metal tube-4.jpg


Type Selection


metal tube-5.jpg

Break the routine, meet more customer requirements, customized for clients of various kinds of non-standard type flowmeter, it is a kind of ability, is also a kind of attitude.Let the customer buy satisfied products, let customers get the perfect service that is our attitude.

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